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We are very excited to be getting back in the Du-Bro business!  Our first order has been placed and we should have stock by mid July.

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Weathering Master D Set

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Weathering means adding realistic-looking effects to your models, such
as sand on tank treads and mud-caked rally car bodies. These Tamiya
Craft Tools offer by far the easiest way to achieve realistic
weathering effects. Weathering Master comes in a pocket sized case with
3 colors and special applicator tool. The pen-type Weathering Stick
offers up to 5mm of easy-to-apply color by simply twisting the tip.

Set of 3 metallic colors:

burnt blue, burnt red (for scorched metal look of exhaust pipes,
mufflers and jet engine nozzles) and realistic

brownish-gray oil stain color.

Pocket sized case includes 3 colors and special double-tipped
applicator tool.