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Soar into Spring with model rockets!

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Payloader One

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 Item Description

The Quest Payloader ONE model rocket kit is one of three Quest model rockets to uses TTW [Through-The-Wall] balsa fin attachment. There are three precise pre-cut slots in the body tube that allow for perfect placement and location of the fins. There is also a semi-transparent payload compartment and has a parachute recovery system. The Payloader ONE model rocket mixes challenge and high performance.

Weight: 7.00OZ

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Skill Level: One

Recovery: Parachute Fin Type: Balsa -TTW (Through-The-Wall)

Payload Dimension: 25mm x 88mm

Length: 16.25in / 41.3cm

Diameter: .984in / 25mm

Engines (Motors): A6-4 B6-4 C6-5

Altitude w/out Payload (Estimated Max): 1000ft / 305m