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Q2G2 Igniters (6/pkg)

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Reliability, reliability, reliability! Q2G2 igniters ensure you will have a successful launch day experience! The Q2G2 igniter is a major step forward in ignition reliability. The insulation on the lead wires virtually eliminates the possibility of a electrical short. The innovative plastic straw holds the Q2G2 securely into the nozzle of the model rocket engine .

Great for use with cluster ignition! The long lead wires keep the controller micro clips OUT of the engine exhaust.

DESIGNED FOR USE WITH THE QUEST 9V LAUNCH CONTROLLER – Please note that since they are very low current igniters (150mA No- Fire current), some model rocket launch controllers can set them off during continuity tests. Be sure to test your model rocket launch controller, by connecting an igniter to your controller before inserting it into the model rocket engine to make sure it does not prematurely activate when you insert your safety key and/or when you perform a continuity check.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: No-Fire Current = 150mA, All-Fire Current = 350mA