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Courier Value Pack (25 rkts)

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 Item Description

Includes 25 rockets.

The Quest Courier Model Rocket was designed to challenge your students while allowing them to have FUN. The specially designed egg capsule comes unpadded – requiring your students to experiment with various methods of protecting the egg. It is important to have your students explore the properties of different materials as they try to determine the best method for cushioning the egg.

Features dual parachute recovery. The egg capsule descends under its own parachute and the rocket has its own.

Includes laser-cut balsa fins.

Weight: 120.00OZ

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Skill Level: Two

Recovery: Dual Parachute

Fin Type: Balsa

Length: 22in / 55.9cm

Diameter: 1.38in / 35mm

Engines (Motors): B6-2 B6-4 C6-3 C6-5

Altitude w/out Egg (Estimated Max): 900ft / 274m Altitude w/ Egg (Estimated Max): 450ft / 137m