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Soar into Spring with model rockets!

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Astra III Value Pack (25 rkts)

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 Item Description

Includes 25 rockets.

Bright, bold and rugged, the Astra III is one of our best selling rockets. Part of our QUICK KIT family it features a unique all molded plastic fin can assembly. It is a great kit for groups who have already built one of our skill level one rockets with a one-piece molded fin unit like the Viper. It requires a little more skill to assemble, but still goes together easy enough.

Weight: 81.00OZ

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 Skill Level: One (Quick Kit)

Recovery: Parachute

 Fin Type: Plastic

Length: 15in / 38.1cm

Diameter: 1.18in / 30mm

 Engines (Motors): A6-4 B6-4 C6-3 C6-5

 Altitude (Estimated Max): 1000ft / 304m