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Zenith II

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Item Description

The Quest Zenith II model rocket is a high performance two stage payload vehicle. The Zenith II includes a translucent red payload bay to send projects to high altitudes by utilizing a two stage booster. Flights up to 1500 feet are achievable, depending upon payload and model rocket engines used. The Zenith II has a parachute recovery system.

Weight: 12.00OZ

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Skill Level: Three

Stages: Two

 Recovery Stage 1: Tumble Recovery Stage 2: Parachute

 Fin Type: Balsa

Payload Dimension: 25mm x 88mm Length: 22.8in / 57.9cm

 Diameter: .98in / 25mm Stage 1 –

Engine (Motors): B6-0 C6-0 Stage 2 – Engines (Motors): A6-4 B6-4 C6-3 C6-5

 Altitude (Estimated Max): 1500ft /450m