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O BTO SF SuperBass SD45 #5555

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Santa Fe SuperBass SD45 #5555

EMD’s big power option in the 1960s, the SD45 found a home on many railroads across the country. This run of SD45’s includes examples from some of the largest and smallest rosters as well as some unique new detail features and paint schemes. Each road name is available in two powered and one Superbass unit to help you build a large consist – or in the case of the D&H, model their entire roster! Stand outs in this series include the Rio Grande’s unique nose headlights on the later, larger graphics. Reading’s 5 SD45s were the only units equipped with dual control stands – requiring an extension on the front of the cab which we’ve modeled. Southern Pacific had the largest fleet of SD45s and after rebuilds kept many on the roster all the way to the end. This run focuses on the SD45R group in the post-1992 paint scheme, with detail variations on each of the three road numbers to accurately reflect the diversity of the fleet.

Product Features:
Superbass sounds Non-powered Fan driven smoke Same lighting and details as powered units by road name

Minimum Curve O54

Length: 19”