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We are very excited to be getting back in the Du-Bro business!  Our first order has been placed and we should have stock by mid July.

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O Milw.Rd. 18” Aluminum 3 Pack

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Milwaukee Road 18″ Aluminum 3-Pack

Built in 1935, Milwaukee’s new streamlined Hiawatha passenger trains became an immediate success on the highly competitive Chicago-Twin Cities route. With new, home-built passenger trains to complement the streamlined Atlantics, the Hiawatha’s often ran in multiple sections to satisfy demand. As the years went on, Hiawatha service spread to different routes. Much of the original equipment survived with some decrative and structural modification for decades. To accompany the return of our LEGACY Milwaukee Road Class A Atlantics, we’re bringing back matching 18” aluminum-bodied passenger cars. These cars, with different details than those last offered in 2006 to better reflect the 1935-42 versions of the Hiawatha, feature aluminum bodies, die-cast trucks, and detailed LED-illuminated interiors with figures. The first aluminum-bodied passenger cars in the Lionel catalog in almost a decade, we think fans of these cars will be very pleased to see their return! Though there can only be one ”Hiawatha,” the Class A’s inspired similar streamling efforts on other railroads and we’ve taken the liberty to offer some ”what-if” sister trains on other railroads as well.

Product Features:
Aluminum body construction Die-cast sprung trucks Operating couplers with hidden tabs Opening doors Flicker-free LED interior lighting Complete interiors with figures Separately applied detail parts

Minimum Curve O54

Length: 19” each