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O BTO Uncle Sam John Bull Set LCS

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Scale: 1/48Discontinued
MSRP: $1049.99Minimum Quantity: 1
First assembled in the United
States in 1831, the John Bull was one of the earliest successful steam
locomotives in the United States. Named “John Bull” in honor of its
British origin, the locomotive was quickly modified for the unique
challenges of American rails including such novelties as a pilot,
headlight, larger tender and eventually even an enclosed cab. The
diminutive locomotive performed well and enjoyed a much longer initial
life than most would have expected; in fact it was still intact and
serviceable thirty years later! The Pennsylvania Railroad, successor to
the Camden and Amboy, first rediscovered and restored the pioneer in
1876 – even sending it under its own power to the Columbian Exposition
in Chicago in 1893. The locomotive became one of the first major
artifacts in the collection of the Smithsonian. The original locomotive
last ran under her own power in 1981 – marking an unprecedented 150
years of operation as the world’s oldest operable steam locomotive.
Looking to tell its story at the 1939 World’s Fair, the Pennsylvania
asked for the temporary return of the John Bull. At the time, requests
to operate the locomotive were denied so the Pennsylvania built a new
replica in their own shops. Following the event, this replica and
C&A Coach #3 toured the Pennsylvania system aboard two
flatcars. Like other pieces of their historic collection, they were
often loaned to towns for special events. Today this replica and the
coach can be seen together at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The
original John Bull remains in Washington DC. With the original
locomotive turning 190 years young in 2021, it’s time to celebrate this
remarkable little machine once again in three new sets! The
Pennsylvania’s decoration and show train has never been recreated in O
scale before – what a perfect way to add a historic touch to your
“modern” 1950s and 1960s era layout! Of course a classic version of the
set is also available, this time with a brown boiler jacket as the
locomotive is restored today. We also felt that John Bull’s American
brother Uncle Sam also deserves a train of such high regard, and took a
fun “what-if” approach as well. Each set includes a powered locomotive
with conventional transformer control and operating headlight, 3
coaches, or a coach and two flatcars for the Pennsy’s train.


  • John Bull locomotive and tender
  • Three coaches


  • Conventional Control only


  • Drawbar couplers
  • Die-cast trucks


  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Steam
  • Min Curve: O31
  • Dimensions: Length: 33″