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We are very excited to be getting back in the Du-Bro business!  Our first order has been placed and we should have stock by mid July.

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N R282-45 Curved Viaduct/2pc

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MSRP: $14.00Minimum Quantity: 1


Kato’s line of UNITRACK offers a variety of pieces and turnouts to allow you to build any layout your heart desires, all while ensuring track quality and steady delivery of electricity to your locomotives. Available both as individual pieces and as track sets!

The UniJoiner is the basis for Kato’s UNITRACK worry-free design. As a Removable connector slip, the UnJoiner can be replaced in the event that a piece breaks (unlike other snap tracks there the entire section of track will have to be replaced), and can be easily swapped out for wired UniJoiners or insulated UniJoiners for more advanced layout wiring techiques.

The UNITRACK Advantage

  • Thanks to UniJoiners the connection and energy flow between track is firmly secured
  • UniJoiners can be removed and exchanged for new ones
  • UniJoiners can be exchanged for insulated UniJoiners
  • UniJoiners can be used for both N and HO scale
  • UniJoiners can be used for other companies’ TT scale and HOn3 scale track
  • By removing UniJoiners, you can easily connect UNITRACK to flexible track
  • UNITRACK can be used with analog and DCC
  • UNITRACK can conduct 36VA (12V x 3A)
  • UNITRACK has a wide roadbed for stability
  • UNITRACK looks great with switch machines and feeder wires hidden away
  • UNITRACK offers endless possibilities for creating layouts
  • With Radii from R117 to R718, UNITRACK fits in spaces of any size
  • Reliable and Ethical production in Japan