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Concave Edge Blade – 2 pcs.

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UPC Code: 098171201043
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MSRP: $4.59Minimum Quantity: 1


Excel Blades Carving Replacement

  • Carving Replacement Blades perfect for
    heavy cutting, carving or trimming
  • Carbon Steel
  • Available in packs of 2
  • Fits with: Excel Blades K7 Carving Knife
  • Used with: board, linoleum, foam core, plastic, cardboard,
    plaster cast, cork, metal, stone, wood, balsa wood, rubber, wax, clay
    and more.  
  • Used by hobbyist, wood carvers, metal workers, clay
    artists, architects, costume designers, crafters, contractors,
    designers, and carpenters.