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O #7.5 High Speed RH Switch

SKU: ATO6022 Category:
UPC Code: 642988060227
Scale: 1/48In Stock: Yes
MSRP: $172.95Minimum Quantity: 1


Each Atlas O Custom Supreme Switch includes:

  • Solid nickel silver rail
  • Scale-sized ties with accurate tie plate, spike and bolt
  • Detailed, all metal frogs and points
  • Metal guardrails
  • Blackened center rail
  • Pre-wired
  • Remote control switch machine which can be placed in at least
    3 positions (4 on the wye)
  • Sprung points for positive non-derailing action
  • Comes complete with controller, wire and all necessary
  • Can be used with Lionel Trainmaster Command Control<
  • Complete instructions included