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H-25 Army Mule Helicopter 4 Decal Options

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Aurora in the 1950’s.The model comes molded in Olive Drab and clear.
Also included is a decal sheet for 4 different versions. Easy kit to
build. Skill level 2.

History of the H-25 Army Mule – Navy HUP-2 Helicopter.
The HUP type helicopter was originally designed and developed
by the Vertol Aircraft Corporation, formally the Piasecki Helicopter
Corp., as a shipboard utility helicopter for the US Navy. Deliveries
began to the Atlantic Fleet in January 1951. A year or so later, the US
Army purchased a quantity of this helicopter, gave it the designation
H-25A “Army Mule” and put it to work doing general utility work in the
field. Hundreds of Navy pilots’ lives hae been saved by the Navy’s HUP,
as it flies plane guard with every major carrier in the Atlantis and
Pacific Fleets. In addition, it has chalked up several thousand
civilian lives saved during hurricane and flood disasters, in New
England annd Mexico during 1955. The Army uses its mechanized Mule for
laying communication lines, transporting personnel, carrying wounded or
injured personnel, and hauling supplies.

This helicopter, powered by a Continental R-975-46 engine,
with a take-off rating of 550 horsepower, is capable of carrying four
passengers and a crew of two. Under emergency rescue conditions, many
more have been carried. The HUP-type helicopter is now in service with
the US Army, US Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the French Navy.