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Allison Turbo Prop Engine (4 colors)

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Scale: 1/10In Stock: NoRelease Date: 2023
MSRP: $49.99Minimum Quantity: 1


1/10 Scale. This model comes molded in 4 colors,
Black, Silver, Blue and Orange. With 2 color 8 page instructions,
educational STEM booklet, updated decals and Officially licensed!
Complete with display stand. Over 240 parts. Skill level 3.

Allison Prop-Jet info

Prop-Jet (also referred to as Turbo Prop)
Principles of Operation: Air enters the compressor inlet and is
compressed to over 6 times normal atmospheric pressure. This
high-pressure air is discharged rearward into the combustion chamber.
The resulting hot combustion gases pass through two 2-stage turbines.
The turbine receives power from these gases and drives the compressor,
while the remaining energy is extracted by the power turbine which
drives the power output shaft. This shaft delivers power to the
propeller reduction gearbox, which is connected to the propeller. The
Turbo Prop engine operates at essentially a constant speed. Variations
in aircraft power are obtained by changing the pitch of propeller
blades. The Allison Turbo Prop Model Kit was made in accurate detail
from actual Allison blueprints. All major moving parts of the engine
are represented in this 16 inch long replica.