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Super G+ Tune-Up Kit

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Time For A Tune Up!

Here is the key to keeping your HO rocket ship running its best: the Super G+ Tune-Up kit. Unlike so many HO cars that are designed to be thrown away when they break, AFX cars are built to last for years. It is one of the features that make AFX cars so desirable to collectors. But as good as they are, AFX cars won’t run forever without a little maintenance every so often. (Kind of like humans.)

With the Super G+ Tune-Up Kit and a little bit of routine maintenance your AFX car will be stomping the competition for years and years!


  • 2 – Rear Tires
  • 1 – Rear Axle Assmbly with Crown Gear (25T) and Wheels
  • 2 – Pick-up Shoes
  • 2 – Pick-up Shoe Springs
  • 1 – Pinion Gear (7 Tooth)
  • 2 – Guide Pins