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1/48 US Modern 4×4 Utility Vehicle

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This model is the first 1/48 U.S 4×4 utility vehicle Tamiya has
produced in the 1/48 scale military miniature series. Developed in the
late 1970s, the US military released the U.S 4×4 utility vehicle to
replace the M151 MUTT and M561 in missions. This 4×4 utility vehicle
allowed the U.S military to perform various missions with one car. The
vehicle was known for its off-road mobility and dependability. The U.S
4×4 vehicle was versatile because of its lightweight and exceptional
performance. The aluminum body and strong steel frame allowed it to
take on roles such as cargo/troop transport, ambulance, and armament
carrier. The vehicle included a 4-wheel independent suspension, 4WD
system, and a 150hp V8 diesel engine that allowed it to reach top
speeds of 105km/h. The most popular version of this vehicle was the
“Cargo Type”, which included a large rear deck area to hold 1,100kg of
cargo or eight infantrymen. These vehicles first were used in Panama in
1989 and since have been used in the 1991 Gulf War.