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Complete Launch System

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 Item Description

This package contains the Quest Lift Off Launch Pad, the Quest Controller and the Quest External Battery Connector for a great savings off the individual prices.

The Quest Lift Off Model Rocket Launch Pad features a 36in (91cm) two-piece launch rod, blast deflector plate, tilt adjustment, rockd safety cap and wind streamer. With it’s wide base design and single-leg tilt adjustment, the Quest Lift Off Launch Pad is equally at home on rocky terrain or smooth grass.

The Quest Model Rocket Launch Controller features a blinking arming saftey light, beeping alarm and deluxe saftery key in a ‘suregrip’ design. The Quest Launch Controller is easy for all ages to use.
Requires one 9v alkaline battery.

The Quest External Battery Connector (EBC) is an excellent resource for the larger group launches. The Quest EBC allows you to easily use the ‘lantern style’ batteries with your Quest launch controller. Simply attach the Quest EBC onto the 9V connector of your Quest launch controller and connect the other end to a standard ‘lantern battery’ and you’re ready for a full day of launching model rockets!