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Space Corps Centurion Skill Beginner

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Project Centurion started six years ago in response to the
mysterious Asteroid Belt discovery now designated XAB-1. According to
recently declassified communiques, in 2055 a convoy of Space Corps
Corvette Class rockets detected an anomalous energy source near
Asteroid Vesta. The patrol had stumbled upon what can only be described
as an alien spacecraft engaged in clandestine observations of Earth.

Before it could be determined if the strange vessel was friend
or foe, it disappeared in a brilliant flash of blue light leaving
nothing behind. Where did the alien ship come from and what was its
mission? More importantly, will it return, and will it bring with it an
invading army? Or will we be greeted by new alien allies from a distant

With no choice but to prepare for the worst, Space Corps
commissioned Project Centurion to meet the defense needs of Earth and
the Solar Colonies. This crash program engaged the best scientific and
engineering minds from throughout the Solar System. Their charge:
design and build an adaptive space defense system to counter an unknown
but potentially powerful adversary. No expense or effort was spared.
The result, the Space Corps Centurion agile interceptor and space
fighter, is now operational and ready to protect Earth and the human

The Estes Space Corp Centurion model rocket is an
almost-ready-to-fly scale version of this future, historic space
fighter. Simply install the included 9
inch parachute
and shock cord and your assembly is complete!
The Space Corp Centurion launches upright using a standard Estes launch
pad and launch controller (not included) and returns to Earth under its
own parachute. This versatile model can fly on a wide range of Estes A
through C engines which means you can select the right engine for your
field and wind conditions. Maximum altitude is 700-feet on a C6-5
engine – not quite high enough to make orbit, but plenty of
altitude to impress your launch day spectators! Launch your own Estes
Space Corp Centurion today and do your part to safeguard humanity!

WHAT YOU NEED TO LAUNCH (sold separately): Estes
Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller
, Estes
model rocket engines
, starters
and recovery
. Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries are
also required for launch controller (not included).